Boswell & Reyes International, LLC

A Woman / Minority Owned Company
Robert: 512-426-3380 | Mary Lou: 512-287-1109

About Us

Our Goal

We strive to provide the best client service out there, broaden our scope of work and develop new client relationships along the way. We look forward to working with you in the near future.  At Boswell & Reyes International we believe in success. We reach our goals of success by specifying success.

Meet The Team

Robert Boswell

Mr. Boswell has been in the construction industry for decades. Over the past seventeen years Mr. Boswell has performed corrosion evaluation for the City of Austin on their steel and concrete water tanks. Mr. Boswell’s focus is success and quality in inspections and testing. Click below to view Mr. Boswell’s resume.

Mary Lou Boswell

Mrs. Boswell works in the hiring process for all technicians of the company. She verifies applicant’s work resume and references. She assures the technicians certificates and licenses are kept in current status. Click below to view Mr. Boswell’s resume.

Jessica Reyes

Jessica has assisted in evaluations of elevated and ground storage water tanks and inspected several coating projects throughout Texas, the gulf coast, west coast and Ohio Valley region for various manufacturing and engineering companies. Jessica has also performed inspections of abrasive blasting and coating on multiple water tank recoating projects, and new water tank construction projects.